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The COVID-19 vaccine alternative conspiracy concerns Big Pharma's agenda against alternative COVID-19 therapies, such as its anti programme against WHO's Essential medicine, Ivermectin, as well as Vitamin D.

Vitamin D[]

Big Pharma shoots down Vitamin D studies, as it relates to COVID-19 immunity,[1] by publishing news about skin cancer risks from sunlight.[2]

The University of Chicago Medicine conducted a study that was published on JAMA Open Network on March 19, 2021, that recommended Vitamin D as a good way to boost the immune system against COVID-19. The human body can naturally synthesize vitamin D just by being out in the sun.[1]

Following news interest in support of the Vitamin D study, articles minimizing vitamin D were then published,[3] along with a headline on Merkel Cell Carcinoma, a rare fast growing skin cancer that can develop from excessive sunlight exposure.[2]