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The COVID-19 vaccine cancer conspiracy concerns COVID-19 vaccinations being responsible for inducing, activating, aggravating and triggering, at the genome level, various deadly cancers.[1] Patients who are genetically prone to certain cancers may experience a cancerous event after being fully vaccinated.


RNXT Stock: Over 50% Increase Pre-Market Explanation, 7 Sept 2021, Investors are responding to RenovoRx (NASDAQ:PRNXT) biopharmaceutical company in cancer therapy for announcing it has received a new 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its proprietary RenovoCath Delivery System.

Big media is blaming COVID-19 infection[2] for the rise of deaths in patients who have cancer or a history of cancer, when there are clear signs that the vaccines are triggering cancer metastasis. Fully vaccinated young people are reporting having been diagnosed with reemergence or new signs of cancer, sometimes at stage 4.

Big Pharma is aggressively studying the effects of COVID-19 vaccines that are triggering certain cancers in patients. They are conducting additional mRNA vaccine trials to determine if the vaccines can treat the cancers,[3] rather causing them.[1]

Big pharma is also weighing in cancer conditions, especially those that arise in young adults. This approach enables doctors and medical professionals to pass the blame on possible cancerous conditions in these groups, rather than acknowledging what the vaccines' are triggering. Very Well Health Magazine targets Osteosarcoma, a cancer that most often affects teenagers and young adults.[4]

Evening Standard, Cancer drug could aid heart attack recovery - study, 6 Sept 2021

Suspected cases[]

  • K News, Brave COVID nurse perseveres after battling Coronavirus twice, then learning she has skin cancer, 10 Sept 2021
  • Comedian Kathy Griffin, 60, was diagnosed with stage 1 lung cancer on 2 August 2021 after becoming fully vaccinated. Griffin says she has never smoked.[5]
  • Brazilian soccer Pele, 80, recovers from the removal of a tumor[6] that had been reported as an "undisclosed health problem".[7] Pele was fully vaccinated in early March.[8]
  • Bennie Pete, 45, died after fainting. He had surgery done for advanced prostate cancer in 2018. Reports are dubious by saying "he was initially reluctant" about taking the vaccine. Pete's official vaccination status has not been revealed.[9]