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The COVID-19 vaccine heart failure conspiracy concerns COVID-19 vaccinations being responsible for inducing inflammation of the heart, blood clots, and deadly cardiac arrest in more people than the CDC is willing to admit.


NPR, COVID Vaccines In Teens And Myocarditis: What You Need To Know, June 23, 2021

Big media is not disclosing vaccination status among people that have died since September 2021. Also, many big media reports are not immediately disclosing cause of death.

Exploiting the controversy, Big Pharma suggests that you take "over-the-counter heartburn drugs" because they say that the active ingredient famotidine "may reduce COVID-19 mortality risk". Big Pharma weighs in on cetirizine (Zyrtec), loratadine (Claritin), and aspirin. They suggest that "combining famotidine with aspirin may decrease the relative risk for death by 32.5%".[1]

Evening Standard, Cancer drug could aid heart attack recovery - study, 6 Sept 2021

Big media is instructed to portray that heart disorders are attributed to the COVID-19 virus itself. However, this is misleading. Big Pharma says in their report "We, by no means, were the first to discover a link between heartburn medications and potential COVID treatments",[1] meaning a link with the vaccines, a COVID treatment.

Big pharma is also weighing in other conditions that mimic the inflammatory side effects of the vaccines. This approach enables doctors and medical professionals to pass the blame on anything other than the vaccine for hospitalisations and deaths. Medicine Net highlights a list of inflammatory foods as possible causes for inflammation[2] in the vaccinated.

Suspected cases[]

Other cases[]

Note: The WWE is not forcing anyone to get vaccinated.[4]

  • WWE executive and professional wrestler Paul "Triple H" Levesque recovered from surgery following a "cardiac event", which was reported on 8 September 2021.[5] Triple H was vaccinated April 14, 2021.[6]
  • Eva Marie seeks MRI. Coverup story is that she was suffering "Physical and Emotional damage" from last fight with Doudrop.[7]