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The COVID-19 vaccine media conspiracy is Big media intentionally making exaggerated, embellished, misleading, and possibly even false statements, with the agenda to push experimental COVID-19 vaccines that have efficacy rates lower than what is being touted. Additional treatments are sought, because the mRNA/DNA vaccine's alone are not enough.[1]


Blaming COVID
- Fox 5/35, Potential COVID-19 vaccine side effects are more common in actual infection, 7 Sept 2021,
False. The "potential" side effects are becoming more an more apparent among the vaccinated, even after their second dose (See Vaccine cancer, Vaccine blood clot, Vaccine menstrual disruption, Vaccine heart failure, and Vaccine brain disorder). COVID is SARS which affects the pulmonary system. The experimental vaccines have been documented by the CDC as being a direct cause for severe cardiovascular and cerebral disorders.[2]

Experimental vaccine pushing
- Minnesota spokesman recorder, Great news: Dying from COVID is now optional, 6 Sept 2021
- USA Today, Experts exaggerate the gravity of COVID-19 death rates in comparison with the Spanish flu and seasonal flu, 20 Aug 2021
USA Today attempts to do a fact check to justify US government response to the death rate of COVID-19.

Vaccine safety
- WIVB, Study: No serious safety concerns from Moderna, Pfizer COVID vaccines, 6 Sep 2021
Only that associated illnesses of concern in relation to the vaccines are: cancer; chronic kidney disease; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); heart conditions, such as heart failure, coronary artery disease,[3] and vaccine induced cardiovascular and cerebral inflammation and blood clots.[4]

Vaccination cards
- Jerry Johnson, [Risk in intimacy after COVID vaccination?], 7 Sept 2021
"Experts" are asking you to inquire if your "partner" has been vaccinated, and to ask them to see their vaccination card (before pulling out your dick) "which isn't hard to do". Opinion columnist/blogger Jerry Johnson says, "It is unnecessary to force them to pull out their vaccination card as proof, but it can't hurt to ask - which isn't too hard to do. With COVID being the top thing on everyone's minds, you can say: "I feel so much better after getting my shots. Are we on the same page?"

- Wrestling Edge: Joe Rogan ‘Heartbreaking’ Medical News Leaks, September 1, 2021.
Exaggerated statements made due to the negative public perception of Joe Rogan taking Ivermectin.

FDA resignations
- WDBO, FDA vaccine regulators resign in protest over Biden’s push for boosters, 2 Sep 2021.
The reason for leaving is a false statement made to excuse the FDA regulators who resigned right after the FDA had been pressured to give full approval for the Pfizer vaccine, a vaccine that has been scrutinized for inducing inflammation of the heart and brain[5] in more cases than are being reported. [6] The two FDA regulators who are leaving are considered "giants" in the FDA, and their motion to step down has "shocked people throughout the industry", reports Axios.[7]

Heart and brain inflammation
- Matt Lillywhite, Health Alert: Chagas Disease Is Being Spread By Bugs In Texas, 31 Aug 2021.
Misleading report to divert known COVID-19 vaccine side effects on Chagas disease, an "acute infection [that] may result in severe inflammation of the heart muscle or the brain and lining around the brain." All of a sudden according to reports, the USA is being hit with Chagas Disease that is "found around Texas, California, and other warm states".

COVID waves and seasons
- Finger Lakes 1, Mu COVID-19 variant spreading and could potentially avoid vaccines, 2 Sep 2021
- WBBM, Potentially dangerous new COVID variant with multiple mutations discovered, 31 Aug 2021
Misleading statements to hide the fact that although COVID-19 does go through different mutations, it has always been deadly from the start of the pandemic, and none of the COVID-19 vaccines have had the high efficacy rates that are being touted (See Covid variant). This type of reporting also enables blaming vaccine side-effects on COVID-19.

Opinion pieces
- Brad Polumbo, The fully vaccinated are more likely to die from bee stings than COVID-19, 1 Sep 2021.
Polumbo gives opinion pieces rather than peer-reviewed facts, by giving a leading news statement in the Washington Examiner, as, "I see the fear every day where I live in the heavily liberal Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C."

- Fauci: new COVID variant called Mu not ‘immediate threat’ to US, New York Post, 2 Sep 2021.
- Matt Lillywhite: "A Dangerous Covid Variant Has Arrived In The United States... a dangerous coronavirus variant known as Mu". Lillywhite spotlights Texas in his report, 2 Sep 2021.
There is no wasting time to push experimental COVID-19 gene therapy vaccinations and accompanying experimental boosters, even if media reports hadn't been coordinated (See Covid variant#Mu).

Booster pushing
- Herald Tribune, Uptick in vaccinated COVID-19 patients at Sarasota Memorial prompting public concern, 31 Aug 2021
Report calls for booster shots because they don't say that the 2 doses of Pfizer isn't good enough.

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