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The COVID-19 vaccine sudden death conspiracy concerns COVID-19 vaccines inducing sudden death in all age groups, from infants, teens, young to mid adults, and the elderly. Sudden death appears to occur from vaccine induced blood clots, heart failure, severe brain disorders, and unexplained cancers.


Fox 2, WHO chief calls for pause on COVID booster shots until 2022: ‘I will not stay silent’, 8 Sept 2021

The CDC is blaming irregular bacterium outbreaks,[1] where young teens and adults are at risk of becoming infected with diseases that share the same known side effects of the COVID-19 vaccines, particularly, cardiovascular and cerebral disorders. In many cases, sudden and "mysterious" death is the result.

As of September 2021, Big media is instructed to report on irregular bacterium outbreaks, throughout the rise of COVID-19 cases in the southern United States, as the cause for hospitalizations and deaths[2] among the vaccinated.

Business Insider, Pfizer picked a COVID-19 vaccine dose far lower than Moderna's to minimize side effects, its top scientist says, 8 Sept 2021

Known cases[]

  • Healthy London girl, 25, died suddenly on July 21, 2021 after being fully vaccinated in March. After having vomited, a day later she was declared brain dead and then died the following day. The incident was reported to the public two months later, and blames her death from headaches and a heatstroke, at the family dinner, in the front room.[3] It is suspected that she took Oxford-AstraZeneca, a popular vaccine in Europe.
  • KLAS-TV Channel 8 anchor Gary Waddell, 77, died 3 September 2021. He was fully vaccinated.[4]
  • Former Hockey player Jimmy Hayes, 31, dies suddenly. No further details were released.[5] "Autopsy fails to reveal cause of death."[6] Hayes was fully vaccinated per the Mandatory vaccination policy for NHL club personnel.[7]

Suspected cases[]

New Jersey deaths day after lab processing error. “Lab processing error skewed COVID-19 case numbers” for New Jersey. They needed to add 31 more deaths. 8 Sept 2021

Big media is not disclosing vaccination status among breakthrough cases that have died since September 2021. Big media reports are not immediately disclosing cause of death, or will say that the victim died of "COVID-19 complications" if it involves the vaccine. Reports concerning the unvaccinated are readily headlined so that everyone knows of unvaccinated cases.

  • Former anchor Allison Payne, 57, dies suddenly. Vaccination status not given. Report says she had "passed away" as if she were an elderly person.
  • Meridian coach, teacher dies of COVID-19 complications on 8 September 2021. He was 45. The report does not reveal vaccination status.
  • Indian wrestler dies during a match. The headlines blame that his neck had been snapped, but the report says "It is unclear whether Kumar died due to his neck being broken during the fight or some other reason." Vaccination status was not given.[8]
  • Former state rep Steve Pugh, 60, dies suddenly on 7 September 2021. No cause of death or vaccination status given in the report.
  • Restaurant owner Adolf Hermann, 56, dies suddenly during the first week of September 2021. The report states, "the family did not wish to reveal the cause of death, but it was not due to an illness."
  • iHeartMedia radio vet Tony Banks, 53, dies on 5 September 2021. Vaccination status was not disclosed.[9]
  • Nurse, 47, dies suddenly. "My mother was perfectly healthy,” said Catherine Hartman. “She ate right, she exercised, and she still died". Report did not disclose vaccination status, but made implications as if she wasn't.[10]
  • Restaurant owner Greg Mudge, 46, died unexpectedly Sunday, 5 September 2021, from "hypertensive cardiovascular disease". Vaccination status has not been disclosed.[11]
  • Daily Mail, Florence Rogers Pinault, 58, dies. Salma Hayek mourns the loss of her sister-in-law with emotional tribute, 6 September 2021.
  • German ambassador Jan Hecker, 54, had died 6 September 2021. The cause of death has yet to be confirmed. He appeared to be in good health on Friday.[12]
  • Rock 'n Roll merchandising pioneer Dell Furano, 69, has died 4 September 2021. The cause of death has not yet been revealed.[13]
  • Guitarist Jochen Schröder, 58, dies 6 Sept 2021. No cause of death has been publicly revealed.[14]
  • Mum, 40, with 'zest for life' dies suddenly while working out at the gym. Incident happened late August. Vaccination status was not disclosed, but it's suspected that she took the AstraZeneca vaccine.
  • MMA fighter Kyle "Boom" Reyes, 30, dies suddenly. After going into surgery for a torn bicep on Friday, August 27, he comes out brain dead and dies. Death blamed on infection and spread. Vaccination status was not disclosed.[15]
  • Bay City Rollers' Les McKeown died suddenly on Tuesday, 20 April 2021. Vaccination status was not disclosed. Report says that he died of a 'heavy heart'.


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