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The COVID-19 vaccine teenage victims conspiracy concerns COVID-19 vaccinations being directly responsible for the hospitalization and deaths of teenagers, 12 to 18.


Big media is not disclosing vaccination status among the breakthrough cases who have been hospitalised or who have died since September 2021. Reports are not immediately disclosing cause of death. They will however, announce unvaccinated cases to ensure that everyone knows the suffering of the unvaccinated people.

Of one of the teens, the fourteen year-old tested positive for COVID-19 toward the end of August, and got worse about a week later. “He started with allergy symptoms”, according to the report. Allergic reactions are known to be associated with all COVID-19 gene-based[1] vaccines, in particular Anaphylaxis.[2] The report did not disclose vaccination status for any of the teens, however the approved age group for vaccination is from 12 to 18.