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The vaccine tracking device conspiracy concerns Big media making conspiracy theory jokes as related to COVID-19 vaccines in order to draw attention away from the real conspiracy—COVID-19 vaccine sudden death.



Dr. Phil is part of the problem, not the solution.

Reverse psychology at its best
New research sheds light on the psychological payoff of believing in conspiracy theories.” A garbage analysis that dumbs down real conspiracies as "conspiracy theory". These psychology researchers live in their own utopian reality.

Big media is using stage productions to make a ruckus over COVID-19 conspiracy theories. For example, the Dr. Phil show making a scene about "vaccine tracking devices".[1] This is a Big media conditioning method that is used to divert attention away from the real issues of a problem, in this case, what COVID-19 vaccines are triggering and inducing:

The only tracking devices you have to worry about is social media,[2] like Facebook,[3] your cellphones, and your streaming TVs.

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