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The Vatican conspiracy concerns the Holy See's use of symbolism that has a direct connection to the Anunnaki.

Bishop to e7[]

"Bishop to e7"
Benedict TwistedCross

I haven’t even gotten to his Gandalf stick.

Apkallu 2

Apkallu Bas-relief at the temple of Ninurta at Nimrud.

The Holy See is a "Bishop" on the World Chess board. The Pope (the bishop of Rome)[1] wears the "ichthys" (Koine, meaning fish) headdress known as the Mitre. This symbol has a direct ancient connection to a Sumerian mythos concerning the Apkallu. In Sumerian culture, the Apkallu are made up of seven wise sages who were depicted as half man, and half fish. The Apkallu also wore an ichthys headdress. The sages had imparted secret knowledges (compare occult) to mankind passed down through many different cultures (such as the Dagon connection). It is believed by some, that the Apkallu guide (or perhaps rule) mankind's affairs as Anunnaki.

The ichthys connection has also been linked to the Age of Pisces, the astrological age of (poss.) Christendom, but more distinctly Christianity. Each astrological age lasts 2100 years. The next age is the Age of Aquarius.[2] In the Vrillon Message, the voice from the Ashtar Galactic Command speaks in a way of looking forward to entering the Age of Aquarius. The New Agers and the GFL push preparation toward the Aquarian Age. This may be a hint that the Cabal (or alien agenda) might be seeking an end to Christianity. At some point, it is predicted that the "Bishop" will be knocked over.

Vatican138 05

An Apkallu in a Sumerian relief

In the game of Chess, a Bishop placed on e7 tends to be useful for (1) Development. To allow an opening so you can Castle with the Rook and (2) Preventing your Knight from being pinned to the queen. If you bring your bishop outside of the pawn chain, the pin can be very difficult to deal with because you can’t unpin yourself.[3]

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