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The conspiracy of the Vatican Secret Archives is that it houses more secrets on human history than The Smithsonian. It possesses documents that were preserved from the burning of the Library of Alexandria. Its secrets go beyond Christianity, by having in its possession ancient Grimoires and original “keys of Solomon”. It is a storehouse of Apocrypha.


What Is The Vatican Hiding In Its Archives?



Matsya saving the Vedas, who are depicted as four racially diverse infants, during The Vedic Flood

The Vatican will not reveal its artifacts to the public because it may reshape human tradition and what we know about our past as a human family, beyond racial boundaries.

Indicated from Genesis 10-11, racial boundries may have begun with the fall of Babylon when everyone was made to speak a different language. The oneness of man, who came together to build Babylon (led by Ham’s grandson Nimrod), then became divided and they left the work and went their own ways.

The following is a short list of conspiratorial items alleged to be in the Vatican’s secret library (Some content contradicts each other):

  1. Correspondence between Saint Paul and Emperor Nero pertaining to Jesus’ existence and/or his biological descendants (See also Jesus was married).
  2. Evidence for Jesus not actually having existed.
  3. The Third Secret of Fátima.
  4. Evidence for Archivists being Illuminati.
  5. According to the Copenhagen’s Museum Erotica, the Vatican Archives is home to the largest collection of pornography. This claim is supported by Camille Paglia and National Review founder William F. Buckley, Jr.[1]
  6. Evidence for the Pope in support of the implantation of computer chips (or RFID chips).
  7. Location of the Chronovisor.
  8. Location of the Holy Grail.
  9. Location of the Ark of the Covenant.
  10. Location of elongated extraterrestrial skulls.