WHO ethics research program of the World Health Organization has dictated the following "Ethical standards and procedures for research" on "human beings", "human participants", and "human subjects".

WHO protocolsEdit

The following protocols are listed verbatum from the WHO website: WHO Ethics research

"Ethical standards and procedures for research with human beings"
"As such, all research involving human beings should be reviewed by an ethics committee to ensure that the appropriate ethical standards are being upheld. Discussion of the ethical principles of beneficence, justice and autonomy are central to ethical review.
"The WHO Manual (Section XV.2) defines research with human subjects as 'any social science, biomedical, behavioural, or epidemiological activity that entails systematic collection or analysis of data with the intent to generate new knowledge, in which human beings:
"Standards and operational guidance for ethics review of health-related research with human participants
  • "pdf, 1.33Kb
"International ethical guidelines for biomedical research involving human subjects
  • "Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences. pdf, 1.55Mb"


Where are the research guidelines for non-human beings, participants, and subjects?