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Weather conspiracies involve claims of unexplained weather conditions that accompany paranormal events, such as alien abductions, UFO, and bigfoot sightings.

Abduction cases[]

David Paulides has written about abduction where in almost all of the cases of someone gone missing, bad weather would usually immediately follow, hampering any search efforts. Search dogs would suddenly become useless when trying to pick up a scent. Many of those who had gone missing were reported as being right next to the last person who saw them – as if they had just vanished into thin air.[1]

Burial disturbance[]

Anthony Roberts, author of Sowers of thunder: Giants in myth and history (1978) states that there is a tradition that when the burial mounds of giants are disturbed, massive thunder and lightening occurs. This was actually witnessed and recorded by one of the first excavation teams investigating the mounds of giants in Wiltshire.[2]

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