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This page regards the security of America

Wikipedia, founded 15 January 2001,[1] is an online bureaucratic platform for government surveillance groups to collect as much information on people, places, and subjects that may be potentially connected to national security risks. "Notable" articles require scholarly references for intelligence attorneys to have fast access to a plethora of information by which they can prepare legal cases. Wikipedia donations help fund our agencies in hiring numerous civilian personnel to sift through Wikipedia data for profiling.

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The Five[edit | edit source]

The Bureau has Five pillars by which to maintain Wikipedia.

  1. What Wikipedia is not to promote being an online encyclopedia.
  2. Neutral point of view. Remember, the Bureau is bipartisan.
  3. Copyrights to release ownership of articles written by unofficial editors.
  4. Civility to allow attorneys to quickly sift through data without being bogged down by incoherent arguments on marked Wikipedia pages.
  5. Ignores all rules. DOD5200.10


Tools[edit | edit source]


Don’t worry, we are going to be supporting our men and women in law enforcement

Wikipedia Bureau tools

  • Blanking, regulation: Be bold to blank marked content.
  • Redirect, regulation: Redirect prevents unofficial editors from re-creating marked Wikipedia pages with unauthorized content.
  • Refusals, regulation: Blocking to refuse future impediment.

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