The Wikipedia conspiracy is to re-write our history… using a bunch of idiot non-scholars to do it for free. Its manner of style is so debacle that it's successful in disinformation, misleading, and misguiding its audience from hidden truths that are scoffed as just myth or hoaxes. Wikipedia is as "neutral" as Fox News is "fair and balanced".


Wikipedia guidelines are vague self-conflicting rules. For example, the reliable sources pages(WP:RS and WP:IRS) use a lot of ´may be´ and ´usually´. This leads to mods interpreting the so-called rules in their own way.

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  • Multiple Character Control [2]

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Operation Mockingbird

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  2. Multiple Character Control
  3. Microsoft Privacy controversies
  4. Microsoft Spyware
  5. Heaven_Sent_Gaming
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