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There are wormholes on the Earth, and the scientific community is trying to cover it up. The reason for these Wormholes to exist on the Earth is up to speculation. These theories include :

  • built by Pre-civilization as teleportation portals
  • result of Lay-lines intersecting, and used by Pre-civilization as portals or energy generators

The entrance to each wormhole seems to wander over a large area. Whoever flies through these areas may end up in a different location and time-period, or may not even return.

Bermuda Triangle[]

Triangular area connecting Miami(Florida, USA), San Juan(Puerto Rico), and Bermuda islands

Nearest Ancient structures: Mayan pyramids

Dragon Triangle[]

Dragon Triangle(Chinese), Devil's sea(Japanese:ma no umi), is the triangular area between Japan, Philippines, and Guam.

'Esanbe Hana kita Kojima' island of Japan, appeared in 1980's, surveyed in 1987, and dissapeared by October 2018.

Nearest Ancient structures: monoliths, yonaguni monument


Perlamutrovy island of Russia, has dissapeared by 2017, while a dozen others have appeared.[1]

Wharton basin[]

Western coast of Australia, Indian ocean

Nearest Ancient remains: Aboriginal artifacts found underwater

Loyalty Islands[]

Eastern coast of Australia, South Pacific

Sandy Island of New Caledonia, disappeared from here by 1974. Scientists are covering it up. by questioning whether it ever existed.


Nearest Ancient structures: Algeria megaliths, Algeria pyramids/domes