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Conspiring against conspiracies

YouTube is hating on conspiracy video uploads
in a witch-hunt against what they call "Fake news and misinformation".[1]

Big Brother at its finest
What else will be regulated?

Secureteam10 a big target


EXCLUSIVE The Bob Lazar Interview

Secureteam10, a UFO hunter, was one of the first accounts to experience video removals and restrictions from YouTube since their announced campaign against conspiracies.[2] What's interesting, is that the YouTube campaign happens just after the exclusive Bob Lazar 2018 interview which was posted in early December 2018. The interview with Bob Lazar is historic in ufology, since his last interview was some thirty years ago in the late 1980s.



The Book Of Man with Brian O on Nature of Reality Radio

YouTube has been conspiring against conspiracies for a long time—unannounced. There has already been a bad history and reputation with YouTube prior to YouTube’s shit campaign move. Narrator Brian Onley in his video series The Book of Man, which discusses extraterrestrial life, chose to upload his massive series to Vimeo instead of YouTube, fully aware that YouTube has a stick up its ass—as early as year 2013. Onley explains some of his reasons for not using YouTube in later interviews.


Operation Mockingbird
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