Zombies is a conspiracy theory that the government has actually found a way to turn people into zombies. 

This theory states that the government has created either a chemical agent capable of turning someone into a zombie or that they created a disease capable of turning someone into a zombie. The theory doesn't actually mean the undead just someone who is in a kind of trance where they exhibit acts of violent behavior.

The theory took off after a video was posted on the internet back in 2012 showing a 31 year old Rudy Eugene attacking 65 year old Ronald Edward Poppo. The video featured Eugene attacking Poppo and gouging out his eyes. Eugene then began to strangle him into unconsciousness and then Eugene began to eat his face.

 A nearby security camera filmed the cannabilistic act and a police officer was sent. The officer arrived at the scene and shouted at Eugene telling him to stop. Eugene growled at the officer and continued to eat Poppo. The officer shot Eugene, but this had no effect. He shot Eugene four more times finally killing him. 

The autopsy showed that marijuana was in Eugene's bloodstream, but marujuana's effects would not contribute to such an act. The media then started saying that Eugene must have been on bath salts, but that was not in his bloodstream just marijuana. Conspiracy theorists began to claim that the government had covered up the incident and that they had created some kind of virus or possible drug that had cause Eugene to become a "zombie" and that he was their test subject. 

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